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Helping employers invest in the future of work.

360 Skill Development for employers and intern talent.

Saving Time & Money

40% working hours are spent on tasks that don't produce income.

Intern Pursuit's proprietary algorithm provides a list of

qualified intern candidates

Saving Time & Effort

Average cost to hire new employees is $4,000.

Personality, culture, and power skills assessed to find the best intern match.

Increase Employee Productivity 

It can take a new employee 8 to 26 weeks to achieve full productivity.

Intern Pursuit's performance toolkit develops both the employee mentor and intern skill even at on boarding.

Learn & Grow

Entrepreneurs, leaders, and HR managers have a lot on their shoulders.  We help the employee and intern learn and grow.  Development of mentoring and power skills is continuous and experiential for both the employee and intern. 


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