Stay Connected

Old School sci-fi game about a league of interns that join forces with mischievous robots to fight aliens as they travel through the universe.

For PC only



Breezy is assigned to BMDM and doing political research along with writing blog articles. Little does she know that there is a lot in store for her during her internship.

Alien Scout and Merc

Alien scouts were sent to Earth to scope out possible sites where they can invade Earth and take possession of a rare resource called Talent.

Ted Beamer

Ted is a new employee at BMDM in charge of operations and tech issues. Ted previously served in the Marine Corps and had top secret clearance in the intelligence data.

Alien Captain

The Alien Captain leads the alien squadrons that try to destroy your base.


The leader of the mischievous robot minions created by an ancient race of aliens knowns as watchers. Are they here to help Ted, Breezy and other interns that travel throughout the galaxy?

Alien Brute

These aliens plow through and over anything in their path. Make sure your turrets and blasters are fully loaded if you try to take them down.