• Isabella Johnston

#Employers4Change: Regine Bonneau, CEO, RB Advisory

I am the owner of RB Advisory, a small minority owned business in the cybersecurity and information technology industry in Orlando, Florida.  RB Advisory provides a holistic cyber risk management program for companies locally, nationally, and globally. We help companies understand their cyber risk posture, create a program aligned with their business initiatives, meet industry specific security compliance and implement tools to help them manage, measure and mitigate cyber risk.

By using Intern Pursuit, I am able to understand how important compliance is when using unpaid intern talent.  There are academic, human resource, and Department of Labor criteria required when using interns. The product tracked my compliance to manage and retain the intern. After working with my intern, I hired him full time because I was able to make sure we would be a good match  The produce helped me find the right candidate and ensure they had the skills I needed to work in my business..
I remember the days when I used to intern; internships are different now because there is an exchange of ideas and learning. It is much like an Apprenticeship because it prepares the intern for full/part time transition. The program helped me ensure the student acquired skills they can apply from real world. Why should other employers sign up with Intern Pursuit? If you want to be an employer that is compliant from academic, HR, and DOL, save recruiting dollars, and find the right intern for your company -- then Intern Pursuit is a the product for you.

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