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Luke Ivill #WhatILearned

My name is Luke Ivill and I will be graduating from Valencia College as a graphic designer. As an intern, I primarily worked with the Intern Pursuit, The Game design team where I helped design the website and also art for the game.

I learned how to work with a client as well as a design team, which helped me to improve my interpersonal communication skills. I also learned how to use technology platforms that I had not used before like Asana, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and Skype.

I gained experience working with teams, learned how to hit delivery deadlines, and communicate with others better.

Overall my internship was a very enjoyable experience that allowed me to work in the graphic design industry for the first time. I would highly recommend other students sign up with Intern Pursuit.


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Orlando, FL @ 2020 Intern Pursuit, Intern Pursuit Game, Cat5 Studios