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Matt Plotts #WhatILearned Cinema Studies

My name is Matt, I graduated from UCF with a degree in Cinema Studies. I realized I wanted to have skills in this field and signed up for an internship and found Pivot Business Consulting. Prior to my my internship, I had been to many schools and learned many things. I’ll always value that knowledge, but amongst all that trivia and theory, I knew something was missing. I had no practical knowledge of the hard and soft skills that would be required of working in a professional career setting.

My internship with Pivot Business Consulting and Intern Pursuit taught me I had to learn interpersonal skills like:

Communicating and working with a team, how to hit deadlines, how to organize my time more efficiently, and countless other skills. I even got some hands on time with new technology in working a soundboard on the Intern Whisperer radio program and learning Adobe After Effects for a video that will be part of the website training library.

Having said that: the main thing I’ve taken away from my internship experience is that a person never stops learning. Once you exit school, you don’t just turn off your brain and plug away at a new job. You’re still learning how to do things more effectively, meeting new people, or learning something entirely new altogether. I’ve learned that to succeed I will have to keep my mind open in the future to whatever knowledge is coming my way and embrace it.

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