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Meet Marielle Powell, designer of Intern Pursuit's new logo

1) Where did you go to school and what is your degree?

I’m currently attending Valencia College and studying to earn an A.S degree in graphic design, specifically majored in print production. I should be graduating by the end of Summer of 2019.

Marielle Powell

2) What drew you to graphic design as your career path?

Growing up, I wanted to be an artist and when I was in grade school I found out that you could do art digitally and send make artwork through graphics. So what better way utilize technology by making your own art with computer design graphics.

3) Illustration is a specialty area of yours. When would a client need illustrative work versus graphic work? I believe that graphic works are a better way of communicating visually, however, sometimes illustrations are needed for both the client and the designer to get a better understanding of what they desire out of a design before it is transferred into graphics right away.

The new Intern Pursuit logo

4) Who are artists and leaders in your industry that influence your thinking and why? I’ve seen a lot of graphic designers that have influenced me but I do have some artists that have inspired me in the past. From famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh to comic book artists like Jack Kirby. I’ve also been influenced by comic book writer Stan Lee and these people have made me think of how to communicate a story visually.

5) You are just launching your freelance services. What do you consider your specialty when working with a client, meaning why should they hire you? My specialty is in print production for example, posters, business cards, and even greeting cards.

6) Business and society continues to communicate in highly visual methods. What changes do you foresee in the future of visual communication? I predict that there will be more imagery being used to communicate such as more icons and simplistic shapes being recognizable to the audience. I think that the more we use shapes and objects, the more familiar they will be.


7) What is your website or LinkedIn profile so people can reach out to you?

People can reach out to me by search me on LinkedIn which is my full name Marielle Powell, and if you want to email me, my email is If anyone wants to search my artwork, I have projects displayed on


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