School Partnerships

Colleges & Universities

Higher ed institutions are awesome, and membership is free. 


We partner with universities and colleges career services to offer an employer training program to document Academic, HR, and Department of Labor internship compliance. 


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High Schools

We partner with high school STEM programs that have students that excel in STEM. School partner membership is free.


Recommend Intern Pursuit to your employers that work with high school students.


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Are our students profiles public?

No, our goal is to have employers select candidates using our proprietary algorithm, skill assessment, personality assessment, and resume rather than the student’s name and picture. We believe this will help reduce bias and focus on real skills and personality type when selecting talent.

How do we see employer profiles?

Employer profiles are visible to the public. Their contact information is kept private.

Can our employers join?

Absolutely! Membership ensures they document the use of their intern using academic, HR, and Department of Labor guidelines. Our video training library will educate them how to work with students with disabilities, international students, mentor interns in areas of time management, communication, and soft skill development.

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