Why Should You Sign Up With Intern Pursuit?

  1. Free membership

  2. Earn real skills

  3. Employers that mentor

  4. Matched to employers​

  5. Remote opportunities

  6. Flexible schedules

  7. Master networking skills

  8. Share your #WhatILearned story

  9. Internship with Intern Whisperer

  10. Acquire industry knowledge


How much does Intern Pursuit cost students?

Totally Free!

Is my information public?

Nope, totally locked down. We follow General Data Protection Regulations which is the highest level of cybersecurity provisions.

What type of employers are on the site?

All types, profit, nonprofit, government, small, medium, and enterprise size business.

Do I need a picture?

We recommend you have a headshot picture, something similar to LinkedIn. Intern Pursuit profiles are private until you interview with an employer.

Uploading a resumé.

Super simple. Be sure you upload a PDF version. Click the link that says Upload Resumé and you will see the PDF icon appear and let you know it is there.

How can I edit/update my Intern Pursuit profile?

Select Edit and you can move to ________

How do I apply for a job?

You can select from any of our employers job listings. Keep in mind we match student skills and knowledge to employer job listings.

Is intern Pursuit available internationally?

Not yet. We plan to expand globally with pilot programs in selected areas.

How can I unsubscribe from Intern Pursuit emails?

Click Unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails to you.

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