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Kahlil Collazo #WhatILearned Film

My name is Kahlil Collazo and I am a Film BA major at the University of Central Florida. I came to UCF on whim and chance, after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria forced me from my home in Puerto Rico. I left behind everything I knew in hope of something better.

Not long after starting at UCF, I stumbled upon an intern opportunity with Intern Pursuit on The Intern Whisperer radio show.

My time here has reminded me that I have much to learn and improve about myself. I have worked as producer/co-host intern of a live Internet-radio and Facebook show. While not within my specific field, it has permitted me access to a platform with some technical and creative contribution.

This internship exposed me to a wide array of individuals, be it employer guests or previous interns, and the opportunity to work with other interns from varying fields of study. I received insight on the inner workings of many businesses and industries and made some amazing connections.

Time management remains as one of my areas of growth. Throughout my semester here I have received professional advice on ways to improve in this area and even other personal struggles. I look forward to carrying these experiences wherever the future leads me.

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